The touch screen diameter of the replica watch is 3.7 cm

Sports replica watches are a topic that usually doesn't interest me. But Adidas's new miCoach Smart Run incorporates a technology that could revolutionize heart rate monitors. In August of last year, Adidas launched a project on the Kickstarter platform to develop a new pulse measurement method. The technology that is now used in the Smart Run was born in collaboration with Philips. The peculiar thing: Smart Run measures the pulse optically - so that the wearer can finally forget the chest band.

The touch screen of the watch has a diameter of 3.7 cm. All data collected by the watch is analyzed online by Adidas in the cloud. The Smart Run works with batteries. If it is only used as a conventional replica watches (which, in some way, is a contradiction), the batteries last up to 14 days. In the marathon mode, in which the data is recorded every five seconds, the forces of the Smart Run last eight hours, according to the data provided by Adidas, and in the so-called training mode, in which it makes a measurement every second, The batteries last four hours.

That his "great trip" is also a "good trip," which he can keep track of, always and everywhere, deals with the Grand Voyage of André Belfort.

In addition to indicators of the day, month and 24 hours, the Grand Voyage is equipped with a very special function. The indicator of a second time zone. A function that travel enthusiasts will certainly not want to miss.

The Grand Voyage is equipped with the reliable André Belfort ETK 6701 automatic caliber with 20 stones. He is noble and robust. Its solid stainless steel case and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal withstand any turbulence on your trip replica watches uk. With the noble rose-gold plated case and the elegant genuine leather strap, this watch will undoubtedly receive an upgrade to Business Class.