In an article about American replica watches brands

Readers of this blog will already know that I am of the opinion that good watches do not have to come only from Switzerland. Although there is a full-fledged concentration of watch manufacturers of the highest quality replica watches, manufacturers from outside Europe have also gained solid ground. For example, in the United States.

The following article presents "completely American" watchmakers, that is, those that not only have their headquarters in the United States, but also produce there.

For American watch lovers, a term here in my blog is still underrepresented: RGM. The company manufactures in Pennsylvania. The program is reasonable: three basic models, accompanied by a tourbillon model. The 20 gauge is manufactured entirely by the same RGM. Prices are between 2,200 and 100,000 dollars.

Of course, in an article about American watch brands, my favorite Shinola cannot be missing. If one can believe the rumors in the watch industry, Detroit watches are now furiously popular. A promising start as a glimmer of hope in the city most affected by the crisis. Shinola watches cost between 550 and 600 euros.

Keaton Myrick is a resident of Oregon. Previously he had also worked in the fake watches industry, for example for MKII. After graduating from a technical school, he worked for a time in one of the Rolex service centers, before starting to make his own watches. Myrick also makes every small part of his watches himself, even the screws. He manufactures them alone, so the waiting list for his exclusive watchmaking pieces is always long. Prices are around $ 18,000.