Scammonden Hillclimb

21 July 21
Scammonden Hillclimb 14th August 21
After due consideration of comments by last weeks competitors, and having previously spent time trying to repair the road surface at Scammonden, we have had to take the decision to cancel the August Hillclimb.
The clubs that normally run at Scammonden will be looking at the possibility of resurfacing areas of the track for future use, but as you all probably realise that would be an very expensive  commitment.
We are very sorry for the late decision on this but the last event only took place last weekend and further problems were noted.
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Results for 2019 Hillclimb

PDMC_Nat-B_17-08-19 Results

Regulations available for

2019 Hillclimb.

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August Hillclimb 2018 updated 18-08-22

Records fall at Scammonden Dam

Records fall at Scammonden Dam

Full Results for the 2018 Hillclimb

PDMC_Nat-B_18-08-18 Results


August Hillclimb 2018 updated 18-07-06 Issue 2.

August Hillclimb 2018 updated 18-07-06 Issue 2

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